Thursday, January 28, 2010

I have been so inspired with having this blog and thinking about all of the things I want to write about as well as post some of my jewelry designs. I have become a big fan of Lima Beads, they have fabulous beads but they also have a group called The Garden where all kinds of beaders can meet, showcase their jewelry. I am sure not all people are but I am drawn to togetherness, wanting to be a part of something.

I was an only child so I don't know if that is why I want to be in something bigger than me or if it just my personality that I crave human interaction. I know as I have gotten older and had two more kids, being a part of something or having a big social life doesn't appeal to me as much. I am more of a home body now than I was in my twenties. I do have a large group of friends that I have met when my first daughter was born and we meet regularly so maybe that has now become my social outlet.

As of late I find that I am more drawn to being creative than anything else. I have worked full-time for most of my adult life and raised a child so it didn't leave a lot of time for much else that is why I become so passionate about reading. Even though I have two little girls I now find that this my time where I can do some creative things and feel inspired and excited.

til next time.


  1. Glad I found you! Now following from Friday Follow - hope you'll drop by soon!

  2. Now following you from the friday follow ! Beautiful jewelry! Hope you will stop by for a visit!


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