Friday, March 5, 2010

 This is what I have been doing in my spare time lately.  The green braceclet was a gift for a co-worker who has been a great help to me the last few weeks picking up my responsibilities and I was very grateful to her for helping me out that I wanted to give her a small token of my appreciation for all that she has done for me.  The silver set is one that I have designed for myself, I really like how it turned out.  I am hoping to get some more designs done this weekend and post as well as finish up my first review.  Hope everyone is having a great week and heading into a good weekend. I want to thank all of my new followers, I will be checking you all out soon and will be following you back.


  1. Just stopping in and looking around from Follow Friday! And just became your newest follower! Yea! Hope you stop by and return the favor!

    My blog is all about interior design and remodeling there are some great tutorials so you can get the look you want on a budget! We also have a party every Friday to show off your stuff!!

  2. Those are gorgeous. Can't wait to see all the designs you come up with.

    I love FF. I'v doubled my readership already!

  3. You do beautiful work. Happy Friday Follow!

  4. Hi Penny, Gorgeous pictures. Really enjoying the bracelet. Hope you are feeling well. Hugs, Brenna

  5. I love the bracelts! i'm going this weekend to get supplies for my 2 year old to make some ....

    I'm a new follower from new friend friday
    come visit...


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