Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do you work better under pressure?

I am definitely a work under pressure kind of person, I seem to rock'n roll better when I have a short deadline.  My brain goes in overdrive and I just go on auto pilot.  My mom and I did a open house in the Spring and we are talking about doing one before Christmas, while I was dragging my heels and not really giving my mom an answer but last night I went to bed early and I must have been dreaming about the open house, while I got the ball rolling this morning I have booked a date have some vendors confirmed and am thinking about all of the things that will need to be done in order to have my open house.  It is going to be a Christmas themed open house, so I am wondering do I set up my Christmas tree and have decorations out to get everyone in the mood? 

I started to panic too, because we moved into this house at the end of August and guess what the whole house needs to be painted, I knew that the house had to be painted but in all of the commotion of planning this morning it didn't dawn on me that I need to get this done before the open house I can not welcome guests in my home with patches all over the walls.  Talk about panic, I called my mom and dad three or four times this morning will all the planning, I then had to beg my dad to help me paint so I can have the house ready.  Thank goodness that my dad is retired and can give me a little bit of time.

My inventory is also way down, I need to get cracking and start making some stuff, I am thinking about Christmas party's, New Year's party type jewelry.  I am not attracted to making stuff with red, green's and white's for Christmas jewelry do you have any suggestions on what I could do to attract customers.  My comfort zone is earth tones. 

I have to admit that I realize I might feel stressed planning this event and I will likely get somewhat grumpy but I feel like I have a purpose and I like planning stuff, it gives me a bit of a adrenaline rush.

If anyone has any suggestions about holiday themed jewelry please let me know I could really use the input.  Is November 13th too early to set up the Christmas tree?

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  1. I think whenever you want to is the right time for the tree! I love blue and silver for Christmas. Also burgundy and antique gold work well. For a modern twist, hot pink and lime green are awesome. Keep us updated on your progress! :)


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