Friday, November 4, 2011


A Menagerie Studios pendant paired with vintage Czech glass, and some antique bronze silk I received from Riki Schumacher's giveway.  I wrapped each Czech glass bead and then added some Czech flowers to add a bit of texture.  I haven't completely finished off the necklace I haven't decided whether I should have a simple knot to affix it to the neck or if I should add a clasp.  What are your preferences,  tie or clasp? 

Happy Friday!!

Take care,


  1. Penny, your necklace is gorgeous and the czech flowers add the perfect amount of texture between the pendant and necklace! As for tie or clasp, I usually find myself using a clasp but ties are nice too!

  2. That necklace is stunning!

    I've never really worked with a clasp that ties, so I would have to say I prefer clasps. I only say this because of my familiarity with them. Of course, unique is alway good too!

  3. Personally, I would just go for tying a bow - it's pretty, unique, comfortable, adjustable, simple to use....clasps are nice too but I do love a necklace that ties! This one is so pretty :-)


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