Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cup of Mini Bead Soup Blog Hop and Floridity

Did you see the mini blog hop that Lori Anderson hosted yesterday?  Last year Lori had cups of bead soup each month using different artist beads that she purchased sight unseen.  This year she wanted others to play along so she has contacted artists has asked them to make special soup mixes, Lori is randomly picking three participates to play along with her each month, this month the bead soup mix was from Floridity.  I am not sure if you seen the mix of beads that Barbara cooked up, but they are beautiful and she is offering 16 sets first come first serve so if you loved what the others did be sure to pop by and send Barbara some love.  You can see the set below.

 Be sure to check out the designers her participated in this serving of soup they did a fabulous job with their designs!

I also spotted something that I really love at Floridity that is on my wish list!!

 I love flowers of any kind and the colors in this daisy remind of the Pantone color of the year!!!  So pretty Barbara.

I hope that everyone is having a splendid Sunday and that whatever you are doing is blessed and you are surrounding by your loved ones!!

Much love,

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  1. Thanks so much for writing this! And I LOVE the color combinations in that last piece -- she has a lotus blossom I've had my eye on FOREVER!


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