Sunday, July 22, 2012

Have you ever been asked to make Jewelry for a pet?

My mom called me the other day from work and said she had an unusual request.  A man that she works with broached the subject of whether we have ever thought about making jewelry for pets.  He felt that is was an untapped market and that alot of pet owners would be interested in buying adornments for their furry family members.  Being that I am the only one in the family with a four legged friend my mom asked if I would set about designing something and using our beautiful girl as my model.  I couldn't resist.  It has been fun playing around and designing something.  I have made her three different necklaces that she can wear on any given day!  I hope you like what you see!

Aluminum textured chain and guitar charm

Hemp square knot

Rio the beautiful Chocolate Lab and her leather wrap necklace   
Happy Sunday!

Take care,


  1. Rio looks very chic in her new necklace. I have contemplated beaded collars for my son's cat, but I worry because he, like many pets, loves to "taste" anything left laying around!

  2. How funny! I can't imagine our bunnies tolerating any kind of jewellery! But then, they don't wear collars, and only one of them genuinely likes being stroked. We still love them anyway! Hope this new venture for you is a successful one - I can imagine some girls with tiny dogs absolutely loving this idea!


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