Monday, February 3, 2014

Hugs and other odds and sods

Hello all my blogger friends, it has been along time since I have visited my blog or even wrote anything.  I have been in a bit of a funk, and my very last post from almost a year ago had my husband telling me that it wasn't very professional and I sort of clammed up for awhile.  There have been some personal struggles on the homefront and I have had a hard time lifting myself up and dusting myself off and feeling like sharing.  But I realize that I love to write about things, I love talking about my beads and jewelry making pursuits but I also love sharing my observations about life with you all hoping that someone will talk back and that we can start a discussion.  I love hearing other peoples experiences and there opinions.  I have come to realize that all folks have personal struggles and I hope that I can share some of my love, understanding and compassion with you and we can make our lives better in the process.

So onto the title hugs, I have been thinking alot about HUGS lately do you like giving and receiving hugs, do you every think about how someone hugs you.  Are they a gentle hugger, do they give big bear hugs, do they give you a hug and a kiss, an extra bonus.  I am blessed I get many hugs a day from my two girls, they dole out the affection to me non-stop, I am very lucky.  I try to give my husband big hugs too.  I almost always hug my parents, at every meeting.  I do believe that hugs can take the stress away from your day, they can give you strength when you are feeling low, they can say the words I love you without speaking.

I would love to know what you think of hugs!!  Please share with me!

I am looking forward to dusting off the old blog and getting back to communicating with you all.

I hope all is well with everyone, that life is full of promise and excitement!

Much love,


  1. First, I just want to say, blogging has seasons, just like so much in life. Sometimes a little break makes us appreciate it all the more :)

    HUGS is a great topic for the month of Valentines, Penny. I am fortunate to have very "huggy" men in my life; both Hubby and my four sons, though all adult, never miss a chance to hug me. Mostly "bearish". I agree that hugs are part of the language of love, the first love words we learn, and still the best language to use which can never be misunderstood!

    Looking forward to hearing from you again :)

  2. Penny! I am so glad to see you here on your blog again!!! I have missed reading what is going on at Copper Penny.
    Two people dear to me told me I should make my blog more professional and maybe people would take my beadwork more seriously. But my blog is my space and the only way I know how to keep it going is to say what is on my mind, just filter out most of the curse words. I think people respond more positively to blogs that are not as polished...makes us more accessible and relatable.It really boils down to how you want to present yourself. Some want strictly business blogs, some want a diary, some want a mix.

    Hugs : THE BEST FEELING in the world!!! Because you can get and give with pretty much anyone. They revive, spread joy and love and understanding and warmth of heart. I hug the girls several times a day. We had a bumpy morning yesterday and were all running late and our schedule was just off and we didn't hug goodbye. I felt incomplete all day. We hugged longer than normal when they got home in the afternoon. I had a rough day yesterday and my husband's mom was the reason why...he hugged me several times yesterday, trying to take away the anxiety his mother left in me. His family is not the hugging kind, but I won him over fast when we started dating. He had a hugger inside of him, he just was not allowed to unleash it until he found my family. My one daughter is a big hugger (like yours! isn't that the greatest?!), but my other daughter lets me hug her and gives me a little tap on the back. She has other good qualities to make up for this though ;-) I don't hug just anybody but I would if they let me. I size them up first to see if I think they are huggers. And often let them make the first move. And if they do, it is such a moment of Joy for me!

  3. Hi Penny,
    It is so lovely to see you back. Blogging is a personal choice to blog about what you feel a need to say or show and it does not matter if it is professional or not.
    I love to give and receive hugs. I love out of the blue hug when someone just thinks that you may need one and usually they are right. The best hugs are the ones from a child though, because you know that the love coming from the hug is unconditional.


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