Sunday, March 6, 2011

Comfort Food

When I was growing up we always had Sunday dinner, we started out having it at my dad's parents and as I got bigger we started having it at my parents home.  My mom had a big family and at one time everyone lived in the same place I remember my aunts dropping my for a visit and their families ended up staying for supper, my mom always had enough to go around and we had great conversations and fun.  When my son and I moved away from my hometown I still tried to have family suppers for the two of us, but the last number of years I have gotten out of the routine of preparing the Sunday supper.  I have decided that is all going to change, I want to start having a constant meal that as a family we share together, Sunday usually is a day for relaxing and why not prepare something yummy to eat.

Tonight I am making a old family favorite from my childhood, sweet and sour ribs, rice and broccoli. 

What are your comfort foods? What do you like to make for your family?  Do you have Sunday supper at your house?

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