Wednesday, May 25, 2011


What does openness mean to you?  Have you thought about living a life with an open heart and being open to all experiences, whether they are good, happy, sad, angry, bad, there are so many different states.  Does being an artist come with being open, open to your creative train of thought, open to what is inside of you and listening to those tiny voices telling you what direction to take your design in?

Openness is also about the experiences that come into your life and how you conduct yourself, how you choose to react or follow through with those experiences.  Do you come from a place of love, gratitude, forgiveness, caring and sharing.  Do you want to expand your life for all of the goodness and greatness that your life can hold.  Can you see that you are valuable just as you are and that you are able to give and accept love freely and openly.

How do you achieve openness, how do you learn to give of yourself openly and freely?  It feels that our world in turning more to a direction of love and self-love, we have had many painful tragedies and it feels like the human race and the world want to pull together and love one another and take care of our planet.  We need to remember each and every day that every one has had a hard battle and treat people with kindness and love first, they will feel it and so will we, don't expect something back from someone that you have bestowed your caring feelings on, just let that become your way of life.  It is wonderful to have someone recognize you for your kindness but, remember they may not have asked you for that gesture, it may have been something that you felt they needed and they may not be at your level of openness yet.  Be patient we all get there in our own time.

I know that I am making progress on my journey and that it is something that I am trying to grow and share along the way.

Take care,


  1. It is important to be open, you are right.

  2. Your post hits home today. Thank you for sharing your journey. I know I'm working on my own journey to be more open with myself and to listen to the core truth that I know already without letting the peripheral in the way.

  3. This is lovely -- if you'd like to repost this as a guest blogger -- let me know!


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