Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bracelets for my Aunty Sandy

My Aunt and Uncle were in town for my cousin's wedding a couple of week's ago and my aunt had a look at my stash and stocked up on her jewelry which was so generous of her and I was tickled pink.  She asked me if I could make some bracelets one to go with a necklace and a black one for everyday wear.  I haven't sent her the pictures yet but I hope she pops over to the blog and takes a look.

We are having gorgeous temperatures in my neck of the woods and the kids and I have been spending most of our days outside.  I just love summer weather.  I wish I lived in a warm place year round.

Have a great day!!

Take care,

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  1. Oh so pretty! I am sure she was thrilled to receive these : )


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