Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Butterfly

I won a beautiful sweet butterfly toggle from Mary Harding from the Beads of Clay Blog hop back in March I believe and I have been holding onto it until something came to mind that I wanted to complete.  I thought originally that I would use some viking knit with the toggle and the heishi blue pearls and peanut seed beads but it just didn't look right so I added the copper chain and that felt better but something was still missing, so I added the little green pearls.  I am hoping that I have done justice to this lovely toggle.  I am thinking about entering it in the July,  Love My Art Jewelry challenge but I am not sure if I will qualify, because I think the stipulation is for 75% handmade, we shall see.

I love butterflies and I have been thinking a lot about how their struggle to leave the chrysalis.  I once read a story where someone assisted a butterfly to leave theire chrysalis and then they couldn't fly, they need the struggle in order to gain strength to fly.  Much like life I would think, sometimes the challenges we face bring us that much closer to spreading our wings and flying.

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