Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grief & Sorrow

This is so raw, I just found out today, but I find that when something is plaguing my mind I need to put it on paper or into cyberspace.  I had a friend that was murdered!!  Murdered, I feel like I am in an episode of 48 hours mysteries.  This doesn't happen to people I know.  This lovely lady had rebuilt her life in the last couple of years, she had divorced her husband and was working and raising her young daughter.  She was a personal trainer, and had participated in some figure competitions, lots of hard work and dedication.  She had that will and drive, she had avidly played sports and was very health conscious.  She loved her little girl, who was an absolutely doll.  Last we heard she was doing great and that life was treating her very well.

She was a dear friend but you know how the evolution of life changes and you sometimes don't see people as often, different interests or in different stages of life.  That was what was going on here, but we talked about her often wondering how she was doing, how her daughter was doing and that life was treating her well.

We find out that her ex-boyfriend who was also in the health and fitness industry was the prime suspect, and just now that the investigation is deemed a murder/suicide.  What a crazy senseless incident.  I have had many bouts of tears today. thinking how sad my friend isn't going to be able to hug and kiss her daughter, she isn't going to see her grow up, she isn't going to live her life.  She was 34 so young with so much life left to live.  I don't understand how anyone could ever arrive at a solution of murder!  And then to take your own life so you don't have to suffer the consequences.  !@#$$$%% Coward!

I hope that my post doesn't offend anyone it is not meant to, I just feel like I need to get my emotions out!!!

Hang on tight to your loved ones!!!



  1. Penny, I can't even begin to imagine something like this happening in real life. I'm sure it must seem like a bad dream to you, and to the family. I am sorry such a coward did this to your friend, and now her daughter will suffer the brunt of this selfish act.

    There are no words that can make this better. Only with hope and the help of family and friends can one manage to get through this terrible time.

  2. It's very shocking when someone we know is murdered. I'm sorry for your loss.

  3. Oh, what an awful thing to happen. I'm so very sorry for you, and her daughter, and everyone who has to try to make sense of the situation.
    And, if we can't vent on our own blogs, where can we? Sending hugs!

  4. Oh Penny! I am so very sorry for your loss. And for your friend's family, especially her little girl. This is your blog to say any thing you want to say, so never worry about offending people. This is a place you can come and write about something that will never make any sense but you have to get it out there anyway. Wishing I could hug you for a bit.

  5. How heavy your heart! This is so tragic! To you and everyone around her. I am so sorry! I have learned to keep my mind on remembering the good thoughts of someone who dies like this and not allow the "why's" and horrible way in which she died. It sounds like a woman who touched many lives and was a inspiration. I too believe we all need to let out our thoughts in order to heal. I pray for your strength in this time to be there for others too. May her life be the strength for all the rest of us.

  6. What a senseless tragedy! So sorry for your loss. I also had a friend who was murdered, many years ago. She was 23 years old. Please hang in there.

  7. What a horrible teagedy, for everyone involved. Thanks fir sharing, and my thoughts are with you and your friend.

  8. I am so incredibly sorry. Things like this are so senseless.


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