Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Beautiful Things

I find that most of my time these days has been spent on Esty, looking at all of the gorgeous beads that I would like to acquire.  I have been trying to complete a few pieces but, things just don't seem to be gelling.  I have heard other people say that there Muse has gone away and maybe that is what has happened to me, everything I put together seems to be missing something.  So since I have been feeling this way I have went searching for some inspiration.  Here are a few things that I have found.

Beach Hut Bead by Pipsjewellery

Sunflower by Kylie Parry

Copper Brown by Captured Moments

Turquoise & Pink Lampwork by LyndasLampwork

Marigold Fluted Bead Caps by SueBeads
What do you do if your feeling creatively challenged?  What do you do to get out of your funk?

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!!

Take care,


  1. I waste copious amounts of time every single day on ETSY. It's been a year and half and I can tell who the vendor is just by the picture now! It's such an inspiring place to play. Of course the shopping is excellent but there are ideas by the thousand. I have a picture gallery on my laptop of pics that I copies from ETSY and other places and I just flip through all the beautiful items (like bracelets, necklaces etc) and that's usually enough to motivate me to create my own pieces. It's not usually a case of the muse is gone for me but a case of being centered in my mind and balanced and ready to play.

  2. love the sunflower!
    when i am not feeling it, i pour through etsy...listen to music, eat lots of dark and bittersweet chocolate, pour through vah Gogh books, and bead shop :-)
    your muse will return...she has to...she knows nothing else but to play for you.


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