Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Christine Altmiller - One Kiss Creations

Christine and I found friendship through our blogs and we have carried it to the next level sharing and being supportive on our beading journey.  Christine is amazing she has such an eye for art and she shares her love of art and music on her blog and FB.  We have some other things in common too, we both primarily take care of our kids and we both have two girls.  Check out some of Christine's amazing designs!

 Artistic: blogger whose work (what they create) is consistently beautiful to you


The reason why I wanted to share with you today was that Christine honored me on the weekend with a blogger award the Artistic Blogger.  I was so touched and flattered by all of the wonderful and thoughtful things that Christine had to say about me and my blog.  Thank you Christine for such a wonderful honor, I am glad that we met through our blogs and you inspire me!

Photo courtesy of One Kiss Creations

Photo courtesy of One Kiss Creations

Another note make sure to check out Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Book, which is out now!!  Christine is one of the lucky few to appear in this amazing book!  I am waiting to get my copy in the mail!

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  1. I don't know Christine's work but I will definitely check it out! Beautiful top pendant in particular :-)

  2. Penny :-D I am blushing! You are too kind, my friend. My eyes welled up as soon as I started reading. You inspire me so much too~your talent and your kindness and your ability to just know what I mean because you are there too, living it. I want to give you a great big Hug! Thank you :-)


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