Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bead Soup Arrived!!

I am very excited to participate in the 8th Bead Soup Blog Party, I took a couple of years off and felt that I needed to be challenged and I love meeting new friends and the talent and designs that come out of Bead Soup are phenomenal.  I have been lucky to be partnered with many lovely folks around the world but I have never been with a fellow Canadian and this year the lovely Lori Anderson did just that.  My wonderful partner for this round of soup is Alicia Marinache, All the Pretty Things.

Alicia wrote on her blog after she received her soup that we might be "lost at birth sisters" as I was looking at her Focus on Life postings, and I came across a picture of her son and their chocolate lab.  Who would have thought that we both have chocolate labs, what a coincidence.  We love lab Rio she is the best dog that we have ever owned and she loves absolutely everyone.  It looks like Alicia and her family are blessed as well.

Onto the beads though, Alicia sent me a wonderful soup full of magenta, pinks, copper (I love copper) and the palest mauve.  The copper leaf and heart were made my Alicia herself, I feel very honored to be working with these wonderful components.  I already have some ideas brewing!

 The lovely packaging!

Thank you Alicia very much for the soup, it is wonderful and I can't wait to start creating!

Thank you Lori for putting on this wonderful party, I realize that this was probably very challenging with your health concerns but we are all so grateful that you continue to put the party together.  I don't know how you pair us all up but I truly think you are a genius.

I can't wait to see what everyone creates, come back May 3rd for the big reveal!

Much love,


  1. OMgosh, Penny, what a beautiful soup... and those focals are divine. Love that folded leaf :)

  2. Penny~you and Alicia are two of my favorite bloggers! This is a beautiful mix she made and gathered. I cannot wait to see what you both make! Bead On, my friend!!!

  3. See, I told you :) one of the reasons I said we are so alike (which I didn't want to mention until you had received your soup) is your inclusion of the lucite flowers. I almost threw in some lucite pink and purple flowers, along with their leaves in my soup!
    Our chocolate lab is Lucky - a lovely girl we love to pieces, and who follows us around like a shadow. We are, indeed, blessed!
    Glad your soup is safe and sound in your hands - and even happier that you liked it! Can't wait to see what you create :)


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