Monday, January 10, 2011


I ordered some glass pendants from Sun and Moon Craft Kits a little while ago and was very excited to make the pendants with some images that I ordered for Sabine Sydney  both on Esty.  I did about eight pendants yesterday and when I got up this morning and had a look, my little darling pendants had spots like the glue dried funny.  I am so disappointed, I thought these would be great little valentine presents for your sweetheart or favorite friend and now I either have to junk them or hand them out to friends and family who don't mind the imperfections.  I ordered some ball chain to go with the pendants but I thought that I could also use other fibers like leather or sari silk or fancy ribbon.  What do you think about the images I used?

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  1. I like the images! I'm scared to try resin, but will take a deep breath and go for it soon.


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