Monday, July 25, 2011

New Additions!

A modern twist on a rosary, this beautiful pendant is from Classic Bead, the purple jasper was wire wrapped with purple craft wire, some of the wire was banged up but I thought it added to the appeal of the pendant.

Golden daisy another beautiful pendant from Classic bead, accompanied by chain from Miss Fickle Media the necklace is finished off with some fresh water pearls in minty green and soft pink.  At the top of the pendant is little Czech bell flowers and ribbon.

Royal pineapple, keyhole is Tim Holtz and the pineapple quartz, opaque brown seed beads and bone beads are knotted on wax linen cording.

Have you been able to get any designs completed or are you just enjoying the beautiful weather?

Take care,

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a beautiful place and this necklace reminds me of the water that you find running.  This necklace has a Artisan Clay pendant, Blue Seraphim ruffles, Kazuri beads, genuine leather cording and bone beads.

Matching earrings.

Happy Friday!

Take care,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sweet Button Bracelet

A sweet inexpensive bracelet that I put together from purchasing some buttons from the fabric store.  I have loved buttons since I was a young girl and I have been wanting to play around with them for awhile now.  Here is my first attempt.

I am using my flash so the pictures seem a bit over exposed.  Natural light is the way to go.

Some cute little earrings from the leftovers.

Leather was used, 1mm with two smoky grey czech beads to finish it all off. 

Take care,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My first bead table Wednesday, I have been taking things out of my stash laying them on my beading table then putting them away and taking out more things.  I have all  kinds of ideas roaming around in my head but I am not completing anything.  I find that I am completely bushed after a day with the kids and all I want to do is sit back and relax, read a book or watch a little bit of TV.   But today, I have a few things from Artisan Clay and Shaterra on my desk that I am hoping I will get completed, I need to fill up my Esty store, and I need to feed my soul with some beading.♠

Please forgive my photography, but I wanted to give the real picture of how cluttered my table was, and what a scattered brain I have.

Check out what everyone else is up to this week on the Flickr group, Bead Table Wednesday.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I was up to, have a great day!!

Take care,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Butterfly

I won a beautiful sweet butterfly toggle from Mary Harding from the Beads of Clay Blog hop back in March I believe and I have been holding onto it until something came to mind that I wanted to complete.  I thought originally that I would use some viking knit with the toggle and the heishi blue pearls and peanut seed beads but it just didn't look right so I added the copper chain and that felt better but something was still missing, so I added the little green pearls.  I am hoping that I have done justice to this lovely toggle.  I am thinking about entering it in the July,  Love My Art Jewelry challenge but I am not sure if I will qualify, because I think the stipulation is for 75% handmade, we shall see.

I love butterflies and I have been thinking a lot about how their struggle to leave the chrysalis.  I once read a story where someone assisted a butterfly to leave theire chrysalis and then they couldn't fly, they need the struggle in order to gain strength to fly.  Much like life I would think, sometimes the challenges we face bring us that much closer to spreading our wings and flying.

Take care,

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bracelets for my Aunty Sandy

My Aunt and Uncle were in town for my cousin's wedding a couple of week's ago and my aunt had a look at my stash and stocked up on her jewelry which was so generous of her and I was tickled pink.  She asked me if I could make some bracelets one to go with a necklace and a black one for everyday wear.  I haven't sent her the pictures yet but I hope she pops over to the blog and takes a look.

We are having gorgeous temperatures in my neck of the woods and the kids and I have been spending most of our days outside.  I just love summer weather.  I wish I lived in a warm place year round.

Have a great day!!

Take care,