Saturday, August 28, 2010

Double Viking Knit

Last Saturday I took a class at B-Dekk Beads in Calgary from a lovely lady Candace Prather.  Candace is a wonderful teacher and took us through the beginning steps of making a double viking knit necklace or bracelet.  I have wanted to take this class for a very long time I just love the way the viking knit bracelet's look and wanted one for my own.  We started off with a dowel and 20 gauge wire, we made a flower that we attached it to the top of the dowel and taped it.  I realize that the picture is a bit blurry and I apologize for that, I need to develop my picture taking skills.  After that we weave the 20 gauge wire through the flower to make our knit.  It takes quite a long time to end up with the finished product, my hubbie actually asked if there was a machine that could do the work for me.  I said there would be no fun in that, and then it wouldn't be handmade.  After you have finished doing the knitting and you have the desired length you then cut off the wire from your dowel and use your draw plate for the finished effect, it is really quite amazing with what you end up with.

I had to wait until yesterday before I could finish off my project because I didn't have a draw plate, I visited Candace yesterday and she sold me one that she had made herself, I couldn't wait to get home last night and give it a try and it worked beautifully.  I even brought some black wire yesterday to do a bracelet for my Aunt.  I am really excited by this new skill I have learned and can't wait to start making some different variations.  I have included a picture of the bracelet that I have make for myself, I am not too sure about the beads that I have used, but I guess I need to look around for some more big holed beads.

Here's my finished bracelet, now to find something to wear today so that I can show it off.  Hope you are all having a great weekend!  Take care.

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