Friday, December 31, 2010

Broken Branch

This necklace is named because I broke the pendant while I was getting ready to put everything together.  I couldn't just discard it, for it is too lovely and I don't mind wearing something that has been repaired it adds some character to the design.  The pendant was purchased on Esty from Shaterra Clay Studio, Sharleen has a gift for putting complimentary colors in her pendants that I love and the reflective finishes she uses add elegance to her designs.

I used some Vintaj brass and wire wrapped each of the fancy Agate and sponge Coral as well as adding some Czech glass beads.  Finished it off with a bit of chain and a hook clasp.

 You can see where I glued it back together.  On the top right side.

Happy New Years everyone, thank you for stopping by and following my blog.  I am looking forward to the New Year, I am taking the Christine Kane challenge and picking a Word of the Year for myself.  You should check it out.  You can download the discovery tool.  Very fascinating reading.  I will be sharing my word of the year with you in later posts and letting you know about my progress.

 Thanks and take care,



  1. You know, I could only see the crack when you did a close-up, and if someone is THAT close to your chest, they deserve to have something broken themselves!


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