Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Family

This last little while has been very busy around our house with birthday's and Christmas celebrations and I believe that will all of the excitement everyone's immunity was low from late nights and not eating the best so last night the girls ended up throwing up all night long so today was a pajama day.  My son who often will not pose for pictures let me snap a few of him and our wonderful chocolate lab Rio.  The picture doesn't do my handsome son justice but it makes his mom happy that he let me take a couple.

My oldest daughter celebrated her 6th birthday last Saturday, we had a big celebration is was her first invitation party and she was so thrilled that all of her friends were coming.  We had a magician and all of the kids loved it, we had 14 kids in all. 

We are getting ready for my husband's side of the family Christmas celebration this weekend and we will be attending the Airdrie Festival of Lights with my parents this week.  I still have shopping to do, so I will be busy the next while.

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